Remote Video Monitoring

Traditional security guards are the optimal solution in many onsite security situations such as storefront banking and/or residential condominiums. Sometimes, there are larger, more sophisticated building management settings – factories, airports and similar facilities – when proactive remote video monitoring provides the most secure option by combining human intelligence with real time active video surveillance.
Offsite and in real time, specially trained Condor staff actively monitor your property and detect suspicious activity. We are in touch with local police, fire and other authorities to report irregularities. We provide customers with monthly status updates and incident response reports.

remote video monitoring

Remote video monitoring takes place round the clock, 24/7, so you have peace of mind that your property is secure.

Condor Security Consulting offers a live remote monitoring platform that primarily focuses on early detection and deterrence of criminal activity. Our experts push the boundaries and come up with better and efficient video monitoring and security surveillance systems. We constantly recognize the constraints of the pre-existing technology and their efficiency to protect the assets of our clients.

Each system we design is thoroughly tested and tried by our team of software engineers and expert hardware engineers. The proprietary security monitoring platforms are synergized to limitless potential technology as well as intuitive recognition of the human operator.

Nationwide Services & Diverse Portfolio

We offer services to clients across the country and serve a variety of client needs and industries. It includes crucial infrastructure, power generation, construction, and utility industries. Each industry has its challenges and needs a robust yet flexible security system. Each security unit is designed as well as engineered to feature efficient energy usage, modular, and independent communication systems.

The need of any live monitoring system is to have zero downtime and minimal installation time. Such features and capacities have managed to create an industry-leading deterrence rate of over 98%.

Traditional Security Systems vs Remote Camera Monitoring System

The advanced remote video surveillance systems are much ahead of the traditional security systems which were reactive. The latter usually waits for any trigger to raise an alarm that alerts the concerned security authorities. There is an increased chance of false calls or delayed police response time. The loopholes can also allow the criminals to get away before any action is taken.

Our remote video surveillance monitoring on the other hand integrates a stealth monitoring approach that lets trained professionals monitor key areas of a property and prevent crimes before they happen. These systems do not wait for alarms as it’s backed by real-time surveillance to evaluate any suspicious activity. The operators instantly activate speakers at unwanted trespassers who may be on your property. Our remote video monitoring service is built to instantly call the police and send instant reports of criminals. In most cases, such actions are taken even before criminals barge into or do any damage to your property.

Advanced stealth mechanism integrated within the remote video monitoring system provides a concise summary of activities captured. The reviews help in saving both time and money as it provides customized reporting to deliver video evidence.

Key Features of Our Remote Video Surveillance System


Offers you the convenience of quickly searching for video evidence of various incidents.

Remote Maintenance

Problems can be identified, diagnosed, and even repaired remotely without you even knowing if an issues has occurred.

Around the Clock Support

We offer 24X7 customer support.


Comprehensive training is provided to you and your team to familiarize you with the functionalities of the surveillance system.

Live Reporting

The system is built to offer day and night shots for review whenever your account goes live for identifying areas where lighting insufficiency exists.

Advisory and Consulting Services

Our professionals help in designing a solution that reduces and deters crime.

Audio Deterrent

The remote monitoring camera system activates audio speakers to deter criminals before they do any damage to your property.

Integrated Network

Our systems are optimized and integrated to work along with guards, staff, and even police authorities.

Reporting of Incidents

The system delivers video clips and reports of incidents that occur inside the property during the monitoring hours.

Backup of Incidents

It captures, stores, and delivers high-quality videos of incidents recorded as long as you are using our services. Captured footages are often beneficial for insurance and prosecution purposes.

Expiring video hyperlinks

Every captured video event has a limited access period which is disabled to comply with legal and risk requirements after a specific period. However, in case our customers need them, we can always reenable them at their request.

Reporting Of Activities

The monitoring system proactively shows the results of each activity on your property.

Advanced Video Analytics

It is possible to filter videos and detect specific activities without any human intervention because of the video analytics feature. On the occurrence of a defined event such as someone approaching the fence or a car stopping in the vacant parking lot, the system sends notifications to the security office immediately.

This feature drastically reduces the workload of security officers and requires low network bandwidth as well as limited storage space.

Customized Services

For both operational and security purposes, it is possible to customize video analytics for solving complex and unique business issues. While retailers might be worried about counting people or traffic patterns inside their stores, manufacturing units might want analytics tied to heat sensors and industrial yards to prevent after-hours trespassers.

For the last several years, there has been a substantial improvement in the quality and availability of video analytics. Our computer programmers work with the R&D team to integrate their leading-edge advanced technology to serve our customers better.

Advanced Features of Video Analytics

Identifying and tracking individual objects that include vehicles and humans is possible with object-detection analytics. Key features include:

  • Alerting operators, the moment a vehicle or human enters the surveillance area
  • Tracking objects removed or left behind from a scene
  • Identification of travel direction for catching vehicles that drive in the wrong direction or people entering through the exit gates
  • The counting analytics feature automatically counts objects in a specific scene
  • Easily differentiates between people, other objects, and vehicles
  • Track foot traffic entering or exiting an area separately
  • Produces customized reports about vehicle and people traffic over specific periods
  • Demographic analytics captures information of the people’s characteristics in different scenes
  • Estimates gender and age with a superior level of efficiency
  • Produces customized reports of the visitor demographics
  • Compatible with other analytics technologies

Traditional security guards are the optimal solution in many onsite security situations such as storefront banking and/or residential condominiums.