Car Dealership Security Service

High-value automobile inventory, stored on often considerable showroom square footage and exterior lots, requires a combination of specialized security solutions. It’s not just the theft of the inventory that is top of mind; it’s vandalism and customer car damage and potential liability claims. Upgraded high definition camera footage, vibration and motion sensors are just some of the ways to monitor and deter suspicious Behavior and intruders. 


As a car dealership, the safety and security of your inventory is crucial. Not only are you responsible for protecting high-value vehicles, but also ensuring the safety of your customers and staff. At Condor Technologies, we understand the unique security needs of car dealerships and offer comprehensive solutions to safeguard your business.


One of the most effective ways to protect your dealership is through upgraded surveillance systems. Our team can install high-definition cameras throughout your showroom and exterior lots, providing clear footage in case of any suspicious activity. With advanced technology such as vibration and motion sensors, our cameras can also detect potential intruders and alert you in real-time.


But it’s not just about preventing theft; vandalism and customer car damage can also be major concerns for

Condor Technologies provides comprehensive security solutions to high-end automobile dealerships that ensure rapid security assessments and timely response and reporting. Choose from custom-tailored security services that include: live CCTV and Condor VisionTM remote video monitoring, alarm system installation and monitoring, effective lighting systems, mobile fleet patrols and foot surveillance.

car dealership security service

Automotive dealership security or car dealership security services are some of the most essential services for any car dealer. As each dealership has one of the most expensive inventories valuing over thousands of dollars, securing them is a challenge. Employees have access to both keys and parts of the cars in the display. Even customers take the inventories for a test drive outside the property. Hence, the risks are substantially higher compared to any other general business. 

Fortunately, you have us as your partner to secure your operations and assets. We provide our unique verified audio detection and video deliver comprehensive protection services. These are backed by quick police response and low false alarms. The integrated collection of security solutions includes audio intrusion detection, video surveillance, 24/7 monitoring, and fire detection. 

Automotive dealership video monitoring is among the most vital requirements. You could be a single dealership or a large chain, our solutions can be customized to meet all scales of operations. We integrated the most advanced stealth monitoring systems as a part of our car dealership security systems. Such proactive measures can not only secure your inventories and property but also saves almost 25-60% of costs compared to the traditional security guards. 


Condor’s security professionals understand that specialized industries require specific security programs. We dedicate high-level management resources to every project, and employ a hands-on approach to every detail. We get it right because that’s what our customers have come to expect.


High-value automobile inventory, stored on often considerable showroom square footage and exterior lots, requires a combination of specialized security solutions