Why You Need a Full-Service Security Company

The security services industry has always been at the forefront of new technology as well as being early adopters of trends that today represent the benchmark for high-level protection. Case in point – CCTVs and remote surveillance are now mainstays of security protection services.

Surveillance has really progressed since the first CCTV cameras in the 1960s and 1970s. Today’s remote surveillance systems are cutting edge from access control, digital cameras, sensors and video monitors.

Programs for Your Unique Needs

Many security service providers offer remote surveillance for their clients. Not as many, however, provide end-to-end turnkey remote surveillance programs.

Whether you are a luxury condominium property or a GTA construction company with high-end onsite equipment, you want intelligent, streamlined, coordinated and 24/7 safety measures for your residents and guests, and for your business investments.

You should feel confident that your security provider has taken the time to learn about and understand the complex nature of your property and/or business and is equipped to offer remote surveillance solutions including custom design and installation. A full-service provider will plan for onsite perimeter patrols in addition to remote monitoring at your request. And, if the need arises, your security services provider can also offer customer support in the form of follow-up reporting, video records, repairs and software optimization.

Robust Remote Surveillance

The advantages to implementing an end-to-end remote surveillance program are numerous. Not only will your residence or business receive round-the-clock professional protection, when you partner with a full-service security provider you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of professional security management whose advice spans many years and covers all the bases.


Here are some other tangible benefits:

  • accurate technologies and high-quality HD cameras
  • straightforward monitoring over multiple camera feeds
  • easy installation, easy to use
  • user-friendly, convenient, flexible


  • fewer false alarms which equals peace of mind
  • remote guards are more effective thanks to AI technology
  • ability to send Audio commands from centralized operations centre to suspected intruder
  • faster response times, better assessment and dispatch if needed
  • video records that assist in investigations, prosecution, claims, lawsuits


Remote guarding and surveillance systems are a proactive real-time solution that combines traditional security tools like cameras, sensors and motion detectors – and well-trained high-performing guards – with innovative software solutions powered by AI.


For all the reasons outlined above, you should choose a full-service security provider that offers all the traditional security options, and goes a step above in service and offers design, installation and support – a one-stop turnkey shop for your remote surveillance needs.