Integrating Innovative Technology with Physical Security

Physical security protects people, properties and assets. A professional security services provider should offer top-level protection for all of the above. That’s a given. This includes being knowledgeable about the advances in technology and applications in home, business and institutional protection. Physical security becomes more effective and offers enhanced benefits when it converges with technology, such as tracking activities software, artificial intelligence (AI) and hardware applications.


New technologies don’t change the provision of physical security services. The core of physical security remains the same – access control (detection); surveillance; deterrence (prevention) and response. However, effectiveness of physical security increases when technology-oriented options like perimeter protection, video surveillance, cameras with sensors, motor vehicle tracking, and more, become part of a comprehensive protection program.

Advantages of tracking activities

While the traditional security guard’s job will always include foot and mobile patrols, physical inspections and other post orders, today’s security guards rely on various software applications to help them optimize their level of service.


A full-service security provider with many employees must manage their duties and check-ins using smart tracking software. Such applications serve many purposes: they ensure effective use of a guard’s time, ensure accuracy and consistency in performing duties and provide an effective record of all guards’ historical performance data.


Security supervisors benefit greatly from tracking the activities of their security teams. Team productivity is enhanced. Activity reports are shared, real time reports can be generated and responded to, schedules and tasks are managed more effectively, car patrols can be tracked and managed by GPS technology.


In the event of an emergency, guards can notify their supervisors who can then send backup and notify authorities quickly. Security guards will find that their own response times are improved, allowing them to take decisive action to critical situations in real time. Reporting to supervisors is simple, improving communications among team members. Live-tracking improves performance and response time, ensures that a supervisor can respond quickly to threats in real time, and can monitor and track the team’s movement and location.

Connect to Condor

By including management software as a means to track activities and improve communications among team members, efficiencies are improved. This translates into benefits for the client. Professional security service providers offer peace of mind. Isn’t that what everyone wants.