There’s Value in Home Alarm Systems

You’ve worked hard to earn the home of your dreams. Whether it’s a starter, condominium, next-level upgrade for a growing family or downscale for retirement, there’s added value in installing a home alarm and video surveillance security system.

Safety first

A home security system protects you, your family, your property and your possessions by helping to deter criminal activity resulting from vandalism, home invasions and break-ins. Let’s talk about the home alarm systems options available to homeowners.

Unmonitored systems – a simple straightforward alarm system; onsite siren and/or lights are triggered when suspicious activity occurs. Somewhat effective and economical, but if you are away from your home you must rely on your neighbours to contact police when your alarm is activated. There is no backup service offering with unmonitored alarm systems.

Monitored systems – comprehensive alarm system with constant offsite observation by a professional security provider that understands the effective use of new technologies combined with traditional security services. Value-added options including video surveillance, state-of-the-art cameras and lights, intelligent access control, vacation and away-from-home services, in-person property patrol, supervisory attention and other customized packages.

Wired and Wireless systems – a wired system is usually connected to windows and doors and alerts you when either a window or door has been opened. A wireless system is similar but is triggered by a sensor linked to the main control panel.

Personalized alarm systems for your critical needs

There comes a time when private home protection becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. Perhaps you’ve experienced a break-in at your residence. Maybe there have been reports of vandalism in your neighbourhood. Or maybe you just see the sense in safeguarding your most valuable asset.

Where should you start? Seek out a professional, well-regarded security services provider that understands private home protection and offers specific home protection programs. Arrange a meeting to discuss your concerns and needs. Make a list of specific questions to ask. For example, How much security coverage will my property require? Do you design and install custom alarm systems? What kind of lighting is best suited for my home? What about cameras and motion detectors – where should they be placed and how many do I need? What companies do you partner with? If you are interested in a mobile patrol service add-on you could ask: Do you offer onsite property patrols that include access to inside my home; Do you offer vacation services, picking up papers, mail or packages?

Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish. You should feel comfortable in the skill set and technological know-how of the security company you will ultimately choose.

Potential for lower insurance premiums

Once you have selected an experienced, qualified security services company, you should notify your insurance provider. Explain the details of your new home protection program. Tell them you have a certificate of installation from your security company including a statement that the system meets all safety requirements. Your insurance company will take notice and this could reduce your home insurance rates, anywhere from 2% to 15%. Contact your insurance company directly for more details on the specific discounts they offer.

A home security alarm system will increase your peace of mind and that of your family. You come away confident in the home protection program you have chosen and the knowledge that the professional security services provider you have chosen will have your back.